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Simple and easy settings. Easy like pasting proxies and captcha API key, choosing number of treads and urls per session.

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    Great 12h a day support with live Skype group where we share secret ranking methods and techniques. This site is owned and operated by Neven Rakic
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Authority Indexer Light Speed Upgrade

Index your links using approved and white hat methods Google urge you to do.

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    It is 100% lowest price on market for instant link indexing.

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    It's Java software that can work straight from your desktop or laptop

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    Software supports multi-treads and 90% of links are indexed instantly after submitting.


How it work

We are using only methods suggested by Google to index your links in about minutes. Setup of indexer is so easy that is almost emberased

Instantly seen

All links submited are instantly seen by Google.

Indexing on speed of light

Your link will be in the Google index minute after you submit them!

Indexing = rankings

All your links or backlinks should be indexed to be counted from google!

Google love our indexer

This method of indexing is loved by Google. It's something Google ask you to do!

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We ensure quality & support. Indexing that will change your rankings and your sites in eyes of Google!

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This site is owned and operated by Neven Rakic


We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. Here what clients says about us.

Adrian  Tatum
Adrian Tatum

Managing Director

I have tried and used the light speed indexer and it does what the product name suggests it indexes anything at an incredible speed in an easy to use manor. Adrian Tatum Managing Director Effective Business Growth Ltd

all hats
Dean B


I have used many indexers in my time most of them just don't do the job, it has been really refreshing to find a product that WORKS! authority indexer is very easy to use and more to the point gets the job done... It is my go to tool for all my indexing needs .Dean. (

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